Keeper's Cell

The Keeper's Cell is a private room that seats up to 16 people and is perfect for book clubs, small family get togethers, and even work meetings! The "cell" is a plush velvet lounge complete with its own Alexa! so you can play the tunes you like (for free) or even try out some trivia. We have several games on our shelves as well - so grab some cards or dice, "Exploding Kittens", or even "What the Meme?" and sit back in your own private room and have some fun.  Want even more fun? - ask for the "Escape Room" package. $50.00 for two hours of play.

$100 to reserve / $150.00 beverage/app minimum

The Keeper's Cell is in the old jail cell for the city of Sun Prairie. True to character the bars were replaced on the windows giving the Keeper's Cell that one of a kind ambiance - locked up in style of course.